Monday, April 11, 2011

What happened to that pound?

That damn scale...I think it hates me!

Weighed in this morning....gained my pound back.  I guess it was going to happen....we did after all have my daughter's birthday party this past weekend.  I only had a small piece.

I was hoping that with all the running in the backyard yesterday and walking yesterday with the kids that I would have lost...oh well.  At least I am feeling better! 

We went for a hour and a half walk this morning...pushing one kid then both, then one...

I care about what I look like...yes I do...I just need to something more to push me.  I got that this weekend.  Saw too many skinny people....I want that...not to be a stick, to be a healthy skinner version of me...I will get it done...I will!

Eat more veggies!

Dance challenge is going well too....30 minutes a day of dancing....I love it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Success...sort of !

Today is one week since I started my diet journal, regular workout, and eating healthy!

When I "weighed in" this morning, I was discouraged.  I lost a pound. Yippie, a pound.  Then I thought about it...that was a pound I would still have had if I didnt start doing this!  So YAY for me, a pound!  I also have started measuring the "problem areas." I will not post those numbers, but I am so excited to say that three of the areas have decreased in by a half inch, one by a full inch, and the other by a wonderful one and a half inches!!!!  I honestly feel healthier too after this past week.  I successfully made a princess doll cake for my daughter's birthday and did not eat any of it, yet....there still is cake in the fridge.  I did treat myself last night to a piece of dutch apple pie at my mom's for her birthday...just a small piece. 

I can not wait for this weather to break, today is 70 degrees, but rain....I just want to get outside and run and play with the kids!  That should kick my butt for sure! 

Thanks for the support of friends, I have stuck with it.  I really want to be able to look good in a swim suit this summer, and not feel so fat everytime I am out.  It is time for this engine to loose the caboose!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I could just explode!

I am sure all Mommys have had these kind of moments, but my daughter is just driving me faster and faster into that wall....the wall that will make this Mommy EXPLODE!  I understand, she is coming down off a "high" of sorts.  An Easter Egg Hunt Friday night, her Princess birthday party Saturday....but how she acted at church this morning and the rest of today has just been the straw that broke THIS camels back!  She took a tantrum of sorts during the service, so much that I had to leave the service and walk to the back of the church...don't worry Ididnt leave her alone, she was with my parents, but I needed it...otherwise my whole congregation would have seen me explode on her.  After the service I told her that I was not going to put up with it, and she was going to get into trouble.  We went down for donuts before Sunday School and she got upset because there was not a donut with jimmies, they were gone, I told her she could have another kind, and she started yelling.  I took her out of the room and yelled at her again.  She then asked for a sugar, and reached in and took.  The only way she was good with it was while her aide from preschool was with her. Can you believe this? She cant be good for me, just for her teacher and aide.  So on the way up to Sunday School, she was soon as she saw my co-teacher she was fine...after SS....mouthy again.  So...I ask....why me? Why is she this way to me? WHY?!  Please...someone out there....

We went to my mom's tonight for cake, it is her birthday, afterwards when we got was time to put pj's on.  She didnt want any of the pj's we got out....she wanted pj's that were already dirty...tough.  So what does she do? Throw a tantrum.  Daddy told her that we would cut a shirt of ours for her to we did....give in...I hate this! Then she didnt want it. She got a smack on the bum and put in her room.  I have had it.  Then she started kicking the door, yelling...I went in, smacked her bum again and told her she was to put on what I said.  She is finally settled down.

So what am I doing wrong? Is this really what all the spoiling did from everyone when she was younger? She goes for a 4  year check up tomorrow.  I plan to bring this all up with the doctor. 

I am just about to give up!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thursday March 31 what I ate....yes, it sucked, I know

My Food Diary, 31 March 2011


Total Calories: 1820

This is some of what I ate
This is exactly what I ate

  1 cup coffee
  3 scrambled eggs

  1 tbsp peanut butter and jelly

  1 serving arby's curly fries
  1 serving arby's roast beef sandwich
  1 serving barqs root beer

Snacks / Other17.8632.4215.33354 
  1 cup 2% milk
  1 cup coffee
  1 serving goldfish crackers
  1 serving land o lakes american cheese 

Day Summary:
of RDI*
(1820 calories)
91% of RDI
* Based on your RDI of 2000 calories (28 Mar 11)